Everyone who plays computer- and videogames versus other players in a competitive manner performs eSports. eSport, as well as entertainment electronics, delights players and fans equally. In Switzerland, the eSports-scene steadily gets more and more attention – recurring events, especially LAN-parties, are being held, new organizations and communities founded. One of these newly founded organizations is Equinox eSports.

One of Equinox’ primary goals is to occupy a high position in Swiss eSports, to witness and influence the continuous rise of eSports in Switzerland. Regarding this, one primary focus is leading several teams covering the most popular games. Those teams are expected to participate in such events, especially during LAN-parties. Equinox wants to provide players a healthy training environment so they are both able to achieve success as well as having fun during the game. To get to that point of having such an environment, an open, transparent and player-friendly communication is inevitable, on which Equinox puts a huge emphasis.

Furthermore, Equinox will consist of several streamers who who are going to cover know-how and gaming experience likewise. The most common games aside, these streamers will play a range of additional games as well.

Eventually, Equinox aims to establish an intact, friendly, open and most importantly upright community to provide players and the community itself an ideal and healthy gaming environment and an equally memorable gaming experience. There is a particular emphasis on the community aspect – members of Equinox should experience a unique feeling of unity, They should feel like they are part of a bigger picture, celebrating and building the Swiss gaming scene bringing it closer to the broader public.

To achieve this, Equinox will also support and feature Swiss cosplayers to enhance their stay at conventions by offering diverse services and benefits.

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