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We had an amazing Season in the Swiss eSports League.

Equinox.Aeria had the opportunity to play against E-LVETS to secure themselves a spot in the Premier Division.
It was such an intense battle that went in to “Golden Goal” after it was an overall score of 2 – 2.
Unfortunately, the game was decided by 1 goal from E-LVETS who secured themselves the spot.
It was harsh for Aeria but that won’t stop them from trying one more season to get to the top.

Also, Gaia had a very good run in the Open Division.
They finished the season with a 6-1 record. Since there was one team with a perfect score of 7-0 and a three-way tie with 6-1,
they wouldn’t be able to play the promotion to the Challenger Division.
We are happy with the result and we know they can fight their way through Open Division in this season.

We are announcing that roster changes were made to both Equinox Rocket League teams:

Equinox Aeria:
– Leandro “LeLe” Kübli (Sub)
– Micha “Toxic” Meystre
– André “Akaya95” Bühlmann
– Pascal “Paperman” Linder

LeLe moves to Substitute and will support Aeria with analyzing and coaching.
Aeria acquires “Akaya95”.

Equinox Gaia:

– Kevin “vinGee” Glatthard (Sub)
– Fabio “Sem” Semeraro
– Kevin “Keve” Betschart
– Steve ‘BigBlind7994’ Hegner

VinGee moves to Sub and will help out Gaia where he can.
Gaia acquires “Keve”.

We welcome “Akaya95” and “Keve” and we wish them all the best and many goals in the future!