Once again, many members, teams and players will take on the journey to Lausanne to play or compete at PolyLAN 31. We are very hyped to attend once more one of the biggest LAN-Events in Switzerland. The following teams will compete at PolyLAN 31:

  • Galaxy (League of Legends)
  • Eclipse (League of Legends)
  • Pandemix (League of Legends)
  • Aeria (Rocket League)

Also, we would like to welcome our CS:GO team under the Equinox-flag! The team will give their debut at Lock and Load 10.

  • Shane “LyNeX” Emmett
  • Pascal “waBBa” Lenherr
  • Manuel “klep1” Markaj
  • Ricardo “mTi” Rovere
  • Aqeel “aMu” Mubarak

We wish all the players and teams a successful and joyful LAN-Event! See you at the Events!