EEvent X is over and we had a blast! We played many different games together and we had a lot of fun. Our teams and players fought hard and played very well. Here are the results:

League of Legends:

Equinox.Galaxy could secure the fourth place in League of Legends tournament after a very long group phase with a three-way-tie, 3 more games and again a three-way-tie. After drawing lots Equinox.Galaxy could advance to the KO phase and fought hard to secure their place.

Equinox.Pandemix fought hard in the group stage and secured the second spot. Their first opponent in the KO phase was mYinsanity, a very strong contender. They couldn’t secure the victory but they can be very proud with the 5-8th place.

Equinox.Eclipse is our newest team and it was their first LAN with this roster. They also secured the second place in the group in the group phase only losing to mYinsanity. Unfortunately, they had to face SPG eSports in the first game of the KO phase, who won the tournament. Still, a very solid performance with the 5-8th place and we are hyped to see them perform at PolyLAN.


Rocket League:

Equinox.Aeria started for Equinox in group A. They fought hard during the group phase. The last game in the group phase was the deciding game, which team would advance. After a long fight, they couldn’t pick up the win. They can be proud of their performance and take to momentum to PolyLAN where a new challenge awaits.

Fakers started with “vinGee” from the Equinox.Gaia roster. They won the deciding match against Equinox.Aeria and advanced to the playoff stage. They fought their way to secure themselves the third place. GGWP!



Kawyku fought his way through the first phase of the tournament. He fought a hard fight against Eduism leading 2:0 at first but Eduism could bounce back to a 2:3 knocking Kawyku down to the 3rd place match. The quarterfinal took so much time, they had to decide the 3rd place match with a game of rock, paper, scissors. A solid 2-0 brought him the 3rd place. Well played!

We are very proud and happy with the overall result and we can’t wait to travel to PolyLan in Lausanne!

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