Another year, another amazing LAN. Switzerlan took place from the 12th until the 15th October in Bern. Fifty members and friends from Equinox packed their bags and came to Bern to participate and enjoy one of the biggest LAN’s in Switzerland.

Special guest for Equinox flew from the Netherlands directly to the Switzerlan.  “DodingDummy” participated with OG-BEV members in the League of Legends tournament and finished 5th place. What a run!

Also competing in the League of Legends tournament was Equinox.Galaxy as well as Equinox.Pandemix. Both teams tried their best and fought hard. Equinox.Galaxy finished 13th place and Equinox.Pandemix finished 33rd place.

Equinox.Rocket fought hard, also defeated teams that currently are in a higher skill class in “The Prefire League”. They finished with a solid 7th place.

Our newly founded Equinox.CS:GO competed in the tournament as well. They could pick up some important wins and had to face mYinsanity. Unfortunately, they couldn’t pick up the win but continued to try hard. Since they are a new team they can be happy with the 25th place finish.

Out of nowhere came the Equinox.Uvuvwevwevwe Onyetenyevwe Ugwemuhwem Osas (which is translated into Heros of the Storm) Team. Spontaneously, they formed a team to compete in the tournament, and they won game after game! After they got stopped by SPG in the Winner-Bracket-Finals they won again against Celestial Wrath to face SPG once more. Two close games but unfortunately, they couldn’t find a way to win. In the end, they made 2nd place, what a story!

There was a huge amount of sign-ups for the PUBG-tournament at Switzerlan so it was clear that it will be a tough fight for Equinox.PUBG. They tried to change the style of the tournament, away from the standard version of groups and elimination. The admins set up a server and handed out a price for every winner, so they always altered the mode (1v1, 2v2, 4v4, 8v8) and starting time of the tournament.
After all NOX.Azraael could secure a 1v1 victory as well as an 8v8 victory alongside NOX.Kaycon, NOX.Freeze and NOX.Roxion.

Switzerlan together with SuisseToy is one of the biggest and most fascinating LAN-Event in the whole year. We had a blast and we are very happy with the results from our teams.
We like to give a shoutout to every team member as well as every community member who participated. Without you, this wouldn’t be possible!

Also, we like to thank Custom eSports for the continuous support and the partnership. The shirts are amazing!

We are hyped and looking forward to the next LAN-Event!