This time of the year, the days are getting shorter. One of the biggest LAN-Parties in Switzerland will take place from the 12th until the 15th of October. So it actually doesn’t matter if the days are getting shorter since we will be playing games all day and all night.
First of, we are happy to announce that our former CS:GO-member Fabio “fARL” Lica will rejoin Equinox with the following new teammates:
Fabio “WezZie” Esteves
Dylan “kubAn” Brilhante
Fabio “Reload” Pinho
Ruben “rbN” Silva
They will attend and compete at Switzerlan. We are looking forward to see them compete at the tournament. Good Luck boys!
Furthermore, the following teams will compete at Switzerlan:
– Equinox.Pandemix
– Equinox.Galaxy
– Equinox.PUBG
– Equinox.Rocket
– Equinox.Hearthstone
See you at Switzerlan 2017!