Today, we announce that Equinox.CSGO signs Reish and Lip. Kausen and fARL left.

After Polylan 2017, Kausen and fARL decided to leave the CS:GO squad. The management and dwele, captain of the CS:GO team, talked a lot about the possibilities and options to further extend the CS:GO team.

We are happy to announce the new roster for future events:

Edgar “reish” Silva
Fábio “lip” Silva
Diogo “dancezila” Romao
Ricardo “dwele” Rovere
David “wizzek” Bernardo

We are happy to welcome reish and lip to the Equinox family and we wish the players as well as the team all the best for the future. We are continuing to support the Equinox.CSGO team in whatever way we can!

Statement from Ricardo “dwele” Rovere:

I would like to start by saying a big Thank you to Kausen and Farl for their time under Unfortunately we have to part ways, and I wish them the best of lucks. In March 2017, I took up the role as a captain, which I have taken to heart and has represented a big challenge for me in terms of personal investment. Despite a promising start at PolyLan 2017 we got out of the groups by only dropping one game, but it became apparent at the start of the play-offs that something was missing in the team for it to be consistently at the top. If we want to win, we have to work with passion on a daily basis. And sadly, we lacked these qualities even more before the start of PolyLan. With the addition of Lip and Reish to the team, our objectives are clearly to win, and especially to remain strong when we come across adversities. We have the ambition to shake the Swiss CS:GO scene, and with the new players, we think we have the best elements to achieve our goals, and our hard work will help us along this journey. I am happy to be part of that I now consider my second family. Thanks to everyone who has supported us. Our journey will be long, but we will write history together :D.

Statement from Sandro “Exbreakr” Viscardi:

After PolyLan, I noticed the concerns of the Equinox.CSGO team. I talked a lot with dwele over the possibilities that they had. It was clear to rebuild the team. I decided to give dwele and wizzek the full possibilities to choose players on their own so that they have had no pressure with choosing or playing. I’m very happy with the outcome and hyped to see them compete at the upcoming events. We will continue aiding them where we can as Equinox. I welcome the new players and wish them all the best.