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A few weeks ago, we were contacted by Luigi, Saimon and David from the “Oberstufe Bünzmatt” in Wohlen. We were asked to give a glimpse to the topic of Esports and our organization. Of course, we were more than happy to help them out with their final work at the high school in Wohlen.

Keve from Equinox.Solis and Exbreakr, founder of Equinox met up with the guys and were interviewed for their final project at school. They came very prepared and we were intrigued by their questions, which aren’t as common. After the interview, we sat down together and also talked about the general future like job choice and what they will have to face in general. We enjoyed the deep talk a lot since we could exchange experiences from school together. Also, a huge shout-out to their class teacher, who was present at a Sunday with their students. A small gesture for some but in our opinion, it was overwhelming to see how the teacher stands behind their students and supported them with their project.

We had a blast at the “Oberstufe Bünzmatt” and we would like to thank Luigi, Saimon and David, as well as their class teacher for the opportunity and we wish them all the best on their final project as well as in their future. And who knows, maybe someday, we can welcome a young talent at Equinox 🙂