Today we announce some roster changes within Equinox.Solis as well as Equinox.CSGO.

Pipifax and GUZ from Equinox.Solis will leave the organisation at the end of the Swiss Esports League. After an amazing run in the TCS League they will continue their journey on a different path. We wish them all the best for the future and thank them for all they have brought to the organisation.

Also, Equinox.CSGO decided to disband after the Swiss Esports League season. We wish every player only the best and thank them for all the moments they brought to the organisation especially during the Swiss Gaming Challenge 2019.

“I’m always sad to see players leave the organisation, no matter what. Equinox.Solis had an amazing run in the TCS eSports League and I enjoyed watching every second of it. The same counts for Equinox.CSGO. The games from the Swiss Gaming Challenge still give me chills every time I watch the clips. I am grateful for the moments and wish every player all the best for their future journey. We won’t stop pushing the organisation further and continue to support our players as well as new talents joining the organisation. We are currently seeking a new talent for Equinox.Solis for the upcoming challenges.” – Exbreakr