Back from the Eevent 12 in St. Gallen. The Event was very enjoyable but also a nightmare at the same time. Equinox.RocketLeague could take home the 1st Place in the Rocket League tournament. The LoL-Fun-Team finished with the 6th place.

Eevent 12 started on the 3rd of January 2019 at the OLMA halls in St. Gallen with a very central location. With a ten-minute walk you were right in the main city of St. Gallen to enjoy food or buy goods.

Unfortunately, the LAN was haunted with problems. The halls were very cold at the start and also connection issues were problematic. Usually, connectivity issues are no further problems for LAN-attendants, if they are fixed immediately. The EEvent team worked hard to resolve the issues but the connection losses were still a problem until late Friday night. Some of the tournaments were postponed to Saturday morning since the game will disappear if all players get disconnected.

After some or no sleep the tournaments started with little to no connection issues. They were still trying to fix some little issues which made it problematic. The connection was decent and the tournaments continued until around early evening. Again, the connection was gone for multiple hours this time. Reducing the price for beer was a good decision for those who like beer, a questionable one for those who don’t. More and more players where saying, they don’t want a better internet, they just want some internet. After 9 pm the internet slowly came back and the tournaments could continue.

Equinox.RocketLeague started the tournament with 11 teams in a double elimination bracket. With a clean run, not losing one series, they could secure a spot in the grand final. Again, with a perfect match they take down “LäckBobby eSports” a second time with a 3:0 to secure 1st place. A very dominant run from Paperman, Keve and Hardy. GG WP!

After all, the EEvent was a different experience. Since there was a lot of downtime you had additional time to talk to a lot of different people, play card games and even go out to do a TDM-Snowball match. On the other hand, you go to LAN-Events to play games and tournaments which require a connection. It is understandable that it is not easy to set up the whole connections for 600 people in a venue, never the less, it wasn’t the first LAN organised from the EEvent crew. We are looking forward to the next EEvent as well as the next LAN to come back and perform once more!