We are excited to announce that Equinox will be joined by a new CS:GO team. The CS:GO team currently plays in the second skill class of the prefire league (Link). Also they are a part of the CEVO league and try to fight their way to the top. Equinox.CSGO will be playing at Polylan, their first LAN and tournament for Equinox.
Current players for Equinox.CSGO:
  • Diogo “dancezila” Romao
  • Ricardo “dwele” Rovere
  • David “wizzek” Bernardo
  • Tiago “kausen” Patricio
  • Fabio “fARL” Liça
Statement from Sandro “Exbreakr” Viscardi, Founder of Equinox
“I’m very stoked to announce the Equinox.CS:GO team. Our goal was to cover another game besides “League of Legends” and with “dwele” and his team, we found a very motivated and dedicated squad for Equinox.CS:GO. After a long talk with Ricardo, I was astonished how passionate the guys were about the game and each other. We decided to sign them to represent Equinox.gg. Our ambition is to pick up talents and teams and provide them as much support throughout the time. We will accompany the CS:GO team to the offline events and also help them out with online tournament. I welcome dwele, dancezila, wizzek, kausen and fARL to Equinox! GLHF!”
Statement from Ricardo “dwele” Rovere, Captain of Equinox.CS:GO

“I am excited to announce the start of a new chapter with the creation of a CSGO Team on Equinox.gg , which I have very high hopes for. We gathered some talented persons on the roster and we have an awesome staff.

We have a lot to work on, this is only the start of our new story together, and our success will only be possible if we continuously put in hard work and never lay back.

So far, everyone is super motivated! We know each other very well and we are making progress in understanding how we work and play. It will be exciting to play with Kausen and Farl again, as it seems they got on another level since we took different paths! For now our only motivation and goal is to win. We aim to be in the tops in 2017, which will be more competitive than ever. The level of competition should make this one of the most interesting years ever in the Swiss CSGO Scene, and we want to show our ability to compete and to prove that we can stay among the top teams, for us signing with Equinox.gg proves that we are committed in staying together in the good and bad moments and working on any issues that will happen along this new journey.

We have the perfect notion that we have hard work ahead of us and a lot to learn, but this is a great opportunity that will provide us everything we need so we can achieve our goals.

I would like to thank everybody that helped us get here (really nice people) and also I would like to give a BIG thanks to Sandro and Equinox.gg for this opportunity with our team. I am looking forward to working with the whole organisation to achieve big things!”

Welcome, Equinox.CS:GO! We are looking forward to many special moments and big plays! Meet us @Polylan 2017 and follow us on Facebook for regular updates.